Could there be something going wrong 3 months post op?

I had my craniotomy (brain stem) 3 months ago and i have had a better than expected recovery. I've been recovering fast. However, for the past 3 days, i have had really intense headaches and today I have been so light headed! About an hour ago, it got so bad that i thought i was fainting, and i was not doing anything but sit down. ANy ideas?

Call Spetzler to report your symptoms. Sometimes recovery does not always move forward; sometimes it goes backward for a time. Get lots of rest and do whatever else Barrow suggests. I hope you feel better soon.

I strongly echo dancermom!
Dr. Spetzler needs to be aware of the changes & to advise if need be.
Hopefully, it will turn out to be 'nothing,' but it's always best to be safe.
Hoping you feel better. :)

THank you!! I was going to call but figured I would wait to see how I felt the following day. I didnt get this "fainting" impression again and I have been trying to rest more. It has been harder with the kids home from school. Just noise makes me dizzy and nauseous and makes me feel like my brain is not working right. It always pretty loud in here, kids playing, music, etc. I had to talk to them about its not fun, how I never been a mom to tell them to just be totally quiet, but now sometimes I need them too.

I'm glad you're feeling a 'little' better, or at least not feeling faint.
With your kids being home, perhaps the extra activities over-taxed your healing brain?
You know your body best, but if it's not improved SOON, I'd still encourage a call to BNI. :)