Could I have another AVM?

I have recently started having headaches on the opposite side of my head that the AVM is on. My AVM is located in the left frontal lobe. But here lately I have started having them on the right front side. On at least 2 occasions prior to the headaches being on the right side, I have heard a sound in my right ear kinda like the one I could hear on my left ear. Although much less loud. If I lay on my right side I will hear it faintly. I have had 3 angiograms since October of 2012. I am pretty sure they did a thorough job of looking all over my brain for any signs of another AVM,or at least I would think so. Wouldn't they? I am thinking that maybe after that they would concentrate on the AVM that they saw. Has anyone else experienced this? If so did you call your doctor to let them know? I am supposed to go back the end of August or early September for another angiogram to see how my radiation treatments are working.

Melissa it's definitely something to discuss with your doctor, I would think that any of the angios would have spotted anything, if it were there. For peace of mind though call your doctor,


I think Trish is right - your peace of mind is definitely worth a call to your doctor. I'm sure he (or she) would want to hear about any new symptoms you're experiencing.
After radiation, they do expect some edema to occur and I'm sure they'd want to hear from you if you're starting to experience things you previously did not.
It's probably not another AVM, it might be the radiation beginning to take effect which could be just as important for them to know about. Until you call your doctor to discuss it, it will be nothing more than guesswork. Might as well call and get some peace of mind.

Ive always thought and dreaded this happening to me or anyone in that case...i would advise the doctors but as someone said if it were present then they would of picked up on it...God bless and keep us posted!