I was wondering if everyone remembers the exact dates of events they may have had with their AVM such as a bleed. I can't forget the dates of my two bleeds. I also can't help feel sad, anxious and scared when the dates come around. I was wondering if others feel the same and what do you do to help these feelings?

aug 15, 2010. yes, I feel the same way :(

Feb. 12 2012 diagnosis. June 7 2012 Cyberknife treatment.

Uh, no, only can recall in approximate years, but it's been since 1991, and I'm a geezer now, so recalling dates is tougher.

Which does bring up one of my top 10 recommendations: Get a 3 ring notebook and start recording your AVM data. Dates you had treatment, Doctor names and contact info, tests run, a COPY of all tests and reports included in the notebook. Where scans were taken, who has the scans, etc.

I don't know how many times 6 months or a year into our AVM trip we were able to take out our notebook, give a new specialist exact info, and copies of the reports. Many times, they asked for and ran a copy of OUR DATA to put in THEIR records for her!

Now that most scans are digital, you can get a copy of the CD easily also.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS

May 17, 2008. That was the date of my bleed. I think most of us who have had a bleed probably will never forget the day of theirs. I don't feel sad or scared on my anniversary however. I choose to celebrate on that date every year. Whether it be drinks with friends, a little toast with my husband and kids at dinner, or splurging on a cake for myself...I always try to do something happy and remember that I am a lucky lady.

It hasn't yet been a year for me but I get anxious on Tuesdays (mine happened on a tuesday) and I also feel anxious on the 17th of every month (Mine happened July 17th).

For the 1st year anniversary I am taking a bunch of days off and am hoping to go on a nice vacation with my boyfriend. Last year i spent the whole week in a hospital bed, this year I am going to spend it enjoying myself.

Yep, I'll never forget those dates. February 12, 1997 was the day the AVM ruptured as well as my emergency craniotomy. Two days later I suffered a massive stroke. I never feel sad or anxious when the "anniversary" rolls around. But I don't know how recently your experience was. As you can see from my dates, I just hit 16 years since both the surgery and stroke.these days, I often forget until something causes me to look at the calendar.