Considering an embolism

We went to see the neurosurgeon today. They are going to consider an embolism before surgery to reduce risk of bleeding. Then surgery. Said I may be out of work until June! I am kind of scared about all this and didn't realize the recovery might be so long. I know others have been through worse. I am trying to keep positive.

Best wishes to you in this process. It's hard to say how long any recovery might take.

Ron, KS

Yes hopefulpat...stay positive!! It will help you recover much quicker. You may be able to return to work much early, especially if you can work part time then ease back into full time. I spent four days in the hospital after my surgery in 2000 then two full weeks at home. After that I went back to work part time (my mom came by and picked me up and dropped me back home) for approx. one month then I was back to full time. Everyone is different but it can be a pretty short recovery. Keep positive thoughts and remember how strong you are!! You just have to put your head down and push your way through to the other side!!
I'll be pulling for you!!

Thank you so much!!!

Hi HopefulPat, I had an embolization last February after my AVM ruptured and was back at work in April after leaving the hospital in March. It is very hard to say how long the recovery process might be for you as I've also learned that everyone's AVM experience is so very unique -- just like there no 2 snowflakes alike; there are no 2 AVMs alike. My recovery experience was 99% mental healing and it was my deepened faith that pulled me thru that!!! I consider myself so very blessed in that I didn't have any physical healing to persevere thru after my unexpected rupture yet the mental healing did take a toll on my at first and am now so very happy to tell you (almost one year later) that I do not fear this beast any longer :)! I will pray for a speedy recovery for you Pat!!!


Michele, That is so encouraging. Thank you!! I too am working on my mental healing faith through this process.