Congratulations on the walk

Congratulations to all who got to go to SF and do the walk!!! SF looked true to her self,better then walking in the heat,like it was the week before.You guys/gals did great and hopefully we all can make it to the next one!! Wow raising so much money,that is soooo AWESOME!!! I got my shirt and love it,next time I will do the name too.Thanks All for your hard work on everything!!! Blessings to you All!!! Pat and Britt

Hey Pat! Glad you liked the shirt. And yes SF was very much the “foggy city” that she is known for. And yes HOT would have been miserable…but I still could have gone for a bright day with blue skies and a clear shot of the bridge!!! :slight_smile: But hey…the cold, rain, and fog makes for a much better story!

Congratulations to all walkers from me too!

so excited you guys got to walk for avm,many blessing im sure took place that day,congrats to allof you!!!

How’s Britt these days?