Congratulate Ninibeth


Our AVM Survivor friend Ninibeth passed her final exams and will now have her College degree. Having the same issues that I have, makes me so overwhelmed by Ninibeth's success.

Having trouble reading, writing, speaking, short term memory loss and vision problems and getting through College is an amazing success story! Please take a moment and send Ninibeth your congrats...

Congratulations & GOOD job, Ninibeth!!!

Am so happy for you on your amazing success. :)

Onward & upward,


CONGRATS! Continued Success!

Great job! Ninibeth you are a fighter. We are so happy for you :slight_smile:

Congratulations on getting through finals! You must be relieved and thrilled!

Yay Ninibeth! You should be so proud of yourself!

Super Hurrah!

congratulations Ninibeth that is really fanbloodytastic
you should be so proud of yourself

Stay strong and take care

Congratulations!!:)just finished my finals too!,it's an incredible feeling to get through them:)