Congradualations Prince William And Catherine

To all of my English friends:

"Congradualations on the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine" :)

They are a handsom couple and Catherine looks absolutely beautiful.

Not only am I watching it, I'm also recording it for some of my friends (by there request). They said on the TV that there are over a billion people from all over the world watching this. Thats just amazing!!

For myself, I find this breath taking. That is one country I always wanted to see. My grandfather was born and raised there. I never had a chance to meet him though (he passed away when my father was little).

I loved her dress!

I agree…her dress is gorgeously beautiful! I’m also English, although we came over on the Mayflower…My last name was Church before I married. When I went to London both times, I felt that I was home! It’s an amazing experience.

Hello my friends…Yes I think she looked so beautiful and happy. You could see that William was trying hard not to smile. I loved the whole thing and did lots of crying myself. I was born and raised in Northern Ireland, just ‘over the water’ as the Irish would say.