Confused and scared gluing its self a permanent fix?

So I had another embolization on June 6th. In the last 6 1/2 yrs this was my 3rd one. This time we were told they glued off most of the avm!!! I'm happy but is gluing it off really going to permanently treat it for life???? I'm nervous about it. When they did the first two it was to shrink the avm to have gamma, then I needed another gamma knife.

Now this new Dr appears to just be treating it with glue. Side note we only meet this guy once before he was to do the surgery. Then another Dr in the practice did the surgery that I never met. The Dr that did the surgery spoke to my family and they never seen the Dr we meet at the consult. I spoke briefly with him in the "OR" room. I'm not 100% happy and won't get answers till July first so frustrating :( I miss my old Dr and thinking I just want to go back to him and deal with gamma again! With this new guy I feel like a number not a patient :( The whole reason my Dr sent me to this guy was for an opinion to see if there was other options to me know. The gamma just isn't working. He said he needed an angiogram to check out the avm and could possibly do an embo. I was fine with that. But now Im left with feeling hung out to dry so to speak. I wanted a crani if possible or just to continue with gamma not go all crazy with this last embolization. My headaches are insane since Thursday and they didn't even give me pain meds :( Plus waiting 3 weeks to find out what his next move is. I don't want to EVER worry about this avm again. That is what my fear is with gluing it off as a total solution. The gamma hardly shrunk it and so the only thing to change my avm is all this glue sitting in my head :(. Who's to say in 10 yrs the glue doesn't loosen or something else?? I have read stories on here where just glue hasn't worked right??? I feel like Im going CRAZY help me please PLEASE HELP ME
Any thoughts on the glue at least????

Thank you

Just breathe, Andrea. Some of your questions are not instantly answerable; avms behave differently, so what has happened to others may not happen to you. I'm sorry about the doctor switch -- that must have been unnerving. I think it's best to focus on how you feel now, without forecasting about whether or not the glue will work just yet. If you are having headaches, phone the doctor who did the embo and ask for prescription pain relief. You can have a full discussion in three weeks about follow-up monitoring and whether he thinks the glue is likely to be permanent.

I think I'm having an avm crazy day!! I should mention that while I'm still recovering from surgery my son broke his leg and my husband had to go back to work today! Dancermom you are certainly right. I think I'm just so use to my previous dr that the way this new one handled things was out of my comfort zone and I cant/couldn't handle it lol