Concussion to my Head - is this the cause?

I was wondering this today as I thought about my AVM. It is located on the left side of my head near the top rear but deep. It is the same spot that when I was 18 years old I was robed one night working at a convenience store. The guy came in and hit my on the head with a tire tool. I went down to the floor but I was not knocked out unconscious. I have a 2 inch long scar to this day from it.

Could this have caused the AVM or was I born with it. I probably will never know.

I also have a two more questions:

1. When I exert (i.e. bowl movement) my head will pound for a few moments. Sometimes its almost unbearable. Is this from the AVM?

2. About every other day I get was I would call a light trail in my left eye. It is always the left eye. It starts out as a pin point and grows and grows until it is out of my vision sight. It always looks like several triangles put together in the shape of the letter "C".

Thanks in advance everyone for any comments to these questions.


hi Mike, I suffered a concussion which led to a CAT scan discovering my AVM. AVM's are congenital meaning you were born with it. I never had any symptoms so if I wasn't concussed I would've never knowm about it. The light you see may be related to the AVM. Check out this discussion I made here

Hi Mike. Much like Will said, if your AVM has been officially diagnosed as an AVM based on MRI or CT, then it is something you were either born with, or that developed very shortly after you were born. Being hit in the head can certainly cause permanent damage that could lead to some type of vascular abnormality. The difference being that an AVM is something that developed on itsown, not something that comes as a result of blunt force trauma or other physical damage.

To answer your other questions:

1. Yes, it is quite likely that the pounding in your head comes from added pressure to the vessels due to increased blood pressure due to physical exertion. This can come from lifting heavy objects, running, ingesting caffeine, sexual arousal, or even from mental/emotional stress (among other things). Upon diagnosis of an AVM, most doctors who are familiar with them will tell you a list of things to be cautious of.

2. While your AVM is located on the left side of your brain, it is entirely possible that what you are seeing is a result of pressure or damage to the optic nerve. It is fairly common knowledge that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice-versa, but what many don't consider is that in order to see in three dimensions and have depth-perception, both sides of the brain play a role in both the right and left eye. For example, my AVM was located in my left temporal lobe, almost directly in the spot where the optic nerves branch and aresent to each eye. As a result of some trauma that took place to the nerves during surgery, both my right and left eye are completely withour sight on the right hemisphere. It is called bilateral hemianopsia. So the things that you are seeing could very well be a result of the AVM.

I was told by my Dr that my "type" avm was caused from an injury. It was 1999 when my ex husband hit me in the head with a brass piano lamp. I left him the next day but was left with the avm and surgery. So for sure avms can be caused by injuries.

I'm not sure if your hit to the head is the cause. When I was in the 4th grade I was on the playground with some friends sitting on top of a cheap baby swing. One of my friends got the bright idea to twist the swing until the chain knotted. When they let loose, I spun out of control, slammed my head between the two poles at the end of the swing set and was knocked unconscious. I had a mild concussion. But since I found out about the AVM last year I've only been told by a few people that there is a very slight, but unlikely, possibility that AVMs can form early in life, after birth. One Dr. said it's more likely that an AVM would start out very small then grow throughout your life into something much larger.
1. I had a bleed and that was how I found out about my AVM. My neurosurgeon told me that more people without something like an AVM have CVA's or strokes while having a BM than someone who does have an AVM. Idk how correct that is.
2. My AVM was on the right side. Before my bleed I saw a lot little floating dots, Mini, prism-like triangles of light throughout my entire life and just before my bleed I started seeing big blackish-purple dots. Every Dr. I ever asked about it said it's just tension, stress or high blood pressure, which could all be related to or caused by an AVM. Basically, everything Jake M said, I agree with LOL

Thanks everyone for your comments. I helps out a lot.