Conceiving after embolisation


Hello, I know this has been asked countless times but how long after uterine avm embolisation were you able to conceive? Doctors said they didn’t damage my fertility and I ovulated exactly one week after the procedure but I’m afraid of the radiations used during the embolisation and their effect on the eggs :cry:



I’m hoping that one of the @PelvicAndUterine ladies might help you. Best wishes,



Thank you so much!


I had my uavm embolized in September of 2017 I stopped birth control in January 2018 and conceived in April of 2018. My radiolisgist told me to see a gyno about conceiving I never had the chance but have a great one now because I am considered high risk. They monitor me very closely and I have an ultrasound every 4 weeks as they are watching the growth of the baby closely. I’m not sure what they used to embolize your avm but it is worth getting clarification from a qualified obgyn. Hoping for good things for you,I know how scary this all is, it seems really hard to get concrete answers because it’s so rare.