Complications after radiation on brain AVM

Hello! Our son is 32 yrs.old and has a deep brain AVM. Surgery could not be done because of location in center of brain.Radiation was done March 25, 2015,4 weeks later he became very ill. Projectile vomiting, severe headaches, out of his head at times. Doctors said it was damage to the brain around the AVM which was caused by Radiation, It was swelling. They put him on steroids to reduce the swelling and he began to get better immediately. 4 weeks ago, after weeks of decreasing those steroid doses, the doctor wanted him to try to come off them. For 2 days he was fine and then started sleeping day and night. Then on the 4th day he was out of his head. They put him back on the steroids but he has not settled down on them and at this time he hardly knows where he’s at. Has to be watched 24/7. It is exhausting for his dad and I.Please if anyone has experienced this please share with me. I’ve been in tears…

Molly, On the top right side, you will find search. If you type in radiation swelling, you will find discussions that may help you. Wishing your son the best.

Molly, I am sorry about your son's situation. I am no doctor, but have experienced similar symptoms following my first embolization, not radiation. My avm is apparently located near one of my ventricles and when embolized, the vessel occluded a ventricle and caused acute hydrocephalus about 2 days post-op. When I read 'projectile vomiting' I immediately thought back to my experience 6 years ago. Please review my page. Best of luck. GK

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