Complex seizures=sleepless nights

Just a view into our world...Jacob in the last month has now had 12 seizures and most are in the evening when he has already gone to about being up all night worrying as what to expect next.As he sleeps due to the medication he is to take while seizure is occurring I lay awake frequently checking on him.Each time he has one his peripheral vision is getting worse and now he has blockage in his vision. While this only happens while having a seizure it is still worrisome. Thankfully we are now this next week have two doctor appointments. One with an ophthalmologist and the second with the psychiatrist. Hopefully with both we will get some answers and understanding of what is occurring and the help needed to get what is necessary for Jacob's next school year. Jacob himself is now realizing that he is having issues especially when it comes to reading and comprehension and writing...and lots of memory things...he is now wanting to get some help. Yay..
Will follow up after doctor appts.
Happy fourth to all! Be safe!

Thanks for the update, Daphne. Please keep us in the loop after his doc appointments. :slight_smile: