Comments welcome, Help needed

I have recently become a member of this group, I have had my AVM for many years and it has stopped me being able to do allot of things since I was little.
Now I am 32 and it still holds me back in many different things.

AVM's cause many symptoms such as pains in the head which I rarely get, however do get the odd shooting pain now and again, and feel very tired allot of the time, it never leaves your mind the fact that we have this thing in our head and anything could possibly happen at any time as it did for me about 3 years ago when I suffered a small bleed, which put me out of work and in the hospital for about 11 weeks.
Depression is also another thing I'm sure we all feel.

Sometimes you just need to get away for a bit, from work and the normal things you do in life.

I did this and went on holiday for a couple of weeks to get away from the same old everyday things in life that get you down, to relieve the feeling of depression for just a couple of weeks by going and doing something I enjoy.

I returned late from my holiday, and to cover up the fact I lied about the date of my return and that I was feeling not to good after a flight, (jet lag)

The holiday was to relieve depression and see friends and make plans for my future which I explained to my company on my return after the original lie.

They still however Terminated my employment, which has now left me feeling even worse.
aAll for the sake of one extra day of work. :(

Can I have some feedback on whether this seems fair and what I can do or say for my appeal?

Working does take my mind of my condition. Now I have this other big worry, getting my job back or finding a new one, a worry which I don’t need.

Nobody understands how we all really feel, how disabling it is not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

Thank you all

This is a great group and somewhere we all understand a bit what each other is going thorough.

Drew, I am sorry your employment was terminated. I don't think we have enough information about your situation to render any judgments on its fairness. If you are making an appeal, I think it would be a good idea to get an attorney so that you understand fully what your rights are in this situation. I wish you the best, and hope the your appeal is successful or that another position comes through for you. What type of plans are you making for your future? If you are thinking of making some changes, then perhaps this termination was a blessing in disguise?

Drew, I feel terrible that your employer terminated you just because you were 1 day late to return. As Dancermom said, perhaps your next employer will be more caring and you will love your new job. That is my hope for you!

Stay Strong & Positive and always know, we are here to support you!

Sorry to hear that Drew. Like dancermom suggested, I would speak to an attorney to determine if your termination was legal. Good luck!

Thank you all for your comments, hope fully I will be able to get my job back, or I will have to make other plans, Hope you are all doing Ok, or as well as can be.