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Dear all,
My daughter of 14 years old got 35*40 AVM, occipital lobe. According to friend’s recommendation and doctor’s advice, we are thinking of taking Gamma Knife at UPMC, Dr. Lunsford. Any one of you have experience of UPMC team, especially with Dr. Lunsford? Thank you very much for your comments.

Lunsford and his team are outstanding. Here’s why: (1) They have extensive experience & data on volume stage radiosurgery & outcomes, which given your daughter’s AVM is what the only play is to try to treat it. Lunsford’s research papers define best practice for folks at other institutions. (2) UPMC has an outstanding team on the personal side, as well as being leaders in the medical science of radiosurgery.

My son has a really bad AVM, and I know the team there well from making several trips for the various stages of his treatment. Best people ever - schedulers, nurses, and Lunsford himself - smartest guy I’ve met (and I travel in circles of really highly educated folks), and an outstanding high character human being.

Happy to provide more details if it would be helpful.

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Thank you, DB20, for your very fast reply. Your great comments on UPMC and Dr. Lunsford made me more confident to go there. How is your son now?

My Dr. here in Canada spent a significant amount of time at UPMC as a Neurosurgeon and associate Prof before coming home to practice. He is outstanding, and UPMC is where he gained most of his experience in neurosurgery and gamma knife. He did my gamma knife here and while I don’t have the results yet I was more than pleased. So I would take the leap that the team there remains outstanding and very experienced. Take Care, John.

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Hi John,
I am grateful to you for your response. Glad to hear that you were pleased with the treatment. Your added comment is very valuable for me to decide.
All the best,