Come back in 6 months : ever hear that before

Doctor says you had a small bleed ,NO CHANGE COME BACK IN 6 months . I have a feeling I’m going to here that alot more. But I know it could be worse

The doctor said you had a small bleed?

Like no big deal ;just wait arround , I guess.

Pauline- you can tell the doctor when YOU want to be back. You are the customer. If you want more frequent updates, then he should give them to you.

What??? I am totally NOT the expert on brain AVM’s…but I kinda got the feeling that ANY bleed was a big deal. No???

hi pauline, think it might be worth seeing another doctor…hang in there

Hello Pauline. A physician, a licensed and practicing physician informed you that you had had a small bleed and you should come back in six months???
Was this a gp, neurologist or neurosurgeon??? I apologize for my forwardness but those words concern me for you. Have you decided to seek opinion and advice from another neurologist or neurosurgeon?
Be good to you. Take care of you. You are in my prayers.

I’m in agreement, I can’t believe thi doctor told you thst you’ve had a brain bleed and to come back in six months. Definitely get another opinion, Pauline!

I guess it must have been very small; they took the MRI wile I was in the hospital for seizure . …It was my NEUROSURGEON !

the first specialist I went to also told me I had a bleed and that it had bleed before and to just wait it out. I decided to get a second opinion and the 2nd person said to do surgery…then I decided to get a 3rd and the 3rd said to do surgery. I guess what I am saying is that you should probably get a second opinion. While I was waiting around for my second appointment, I wasnt feeling right and i knew I was going to have to have the surgery. The first specialist, in my opinion, was an idiot! I think you should ask for a sooner appointment and if they refuse I would seek the advice of another doctor.

Yes Pauline,

I had two bleeds. And they aren’t nice, I know that. I was out of it for a month and then for my second bleed I was out of it for a week. Of course I was in the hospital for both of them. And I have been zapped bye radiation three times and the AVM is still in the middle of my brain. Ah well!!! I suppose to get tested once a year now. I think I may wait a year.

Agree with Brittany. I had some vomiting and numbness post-gamma-knife. Only after a 3rd opinion did someone send me to get an MRI which confirmed I had brain swelling from the radiation and not just the flu, as the first 2 (GP, neurosurgeon) suspected.

Your insurance might cover the 2nd opinion so why not? Doctors are highly-trained but are still human.