Columbia University: A Protein in the Blood May be a Clue to Arteriovenous Malformations in the Brain

I found this article through from 2010, so it is a few years old. But I thought it was interesting that they found a specific protein involved in AVM formation. I would think this could possibly lead to a simple blood test to see if an AVM is present.

This is also a short and easy to read article, it doesn't throw a lot of medical jargon at you.

"Based on these studies Dr. Solomon, Dr. Connolly, and their team hypothesized that levels of VEGF would be higher in the blood of their patients with AVMs and that those levels would decrease after treatment."

WOW, Nicole...Very interesting!

How are you, by the way!

That's an interesting article. Thank you for sharing it.. :)


I'm good, I am still looking for work and trying to enjoy life, I'm making music again too so that's helping me a lot. :)

How are you?

Doing good too Nicole. Gotsta stay busy! :J

Thanks for sharing. Interesting because the chemo my neuro team was considering for my bad case of radiation necrosis post gamma knife was avastin, which is a VAGF inhibitor. Fortunately the radiation necrosis seems to be resolving after hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I wasn’t looking forward to doing chemo for it.

I'm glad you were able to get the hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Jessica! It will have none of the aftereffects that the chemo would bring.