Collecting Again

Before my 2002 AVM, and cerebral bleed I was a long time collector in the field of American Civil War memorabilia, in one category. When I had my bleed the doctor told my family that I would die soon or be what I would call brain dead. I could believe what he said, and those of you who have been through what I did will understand why I say that. Anyway, I made plans to sell off my collection so that my family would have the money once I was gone.

After I sold off the best of my collection, I was talking to my neurologist and I asked him how long before I would die from my illness. He told me that things were looking up
for me and I was doing pretty well and might well live
for years and years. Good news for sure, but was it true?

I stopped selling my collection, and soon after I started
buying again. My collection is a joy to me and it keeps me
going and really what I have learned about the collectibles
is more valuable than the items themselves.

Being around still 12 yrs. later is more than I bargained
for, but I am happy about it and grateful. Am I angry with
the doctor who told me I was to die soon? Of course not,
his good treatment is one of the reasons I suppose that
I am still here. May all of us remain survivors for a long
time yet!

This is wonderful and hopeful the same would happen for me I must admit I am scared.

It is enough to make anyone scared, but to admit that you are scared is
to have courage. My prayer for you... is for your health to be fully restored, sooner rather
than later. John