Cold winter

Hello to all our friends we are experiencing the coldest winter in 10 years. Luke has been banging his head a lot latly so we are going to get him a little leather sports helment, I will post a photo of it when he gets it. My computer is in the shop getting worked on now, I think it will be ready on Tuesday I can only pray that is the case. I have missed talking to you all. Hope to be back on line soon LOL Michelle PS I contacted the hospital where all of Luke’s records are held and asked them if we could be sent a copy of the CD they are looking into it for me they have to ask for the doctors permission first. I hope it works out then I will be able to send Luke’s information to other hospitals. Thank you Erica for encouraging me to do this. LOL Michelle

Poor little Luke. Is the head banging a side effect of the cerebral palsy?

No one can tell us for sure why he is head banging although my gut instinct tells me it is when he has a headache as he rubs the back of his head where is malformation is.

Poor baby! Remind me…how old is Luke now?