Cold 1/2 side of my body before I go to bed?

I wonder if you share this strange experience. I had my stroke 3 years ago. I also have hemiparesis. I get really icy cold of 1/2 side of my affected side. Like, really cold. At first I noticed 2 years ago and nothing seems to help. I thought maybe it was poor circulation but even right after I work out before I go to bed, it made little difference. The doctors told me they don't really know whether its going to be a permanent thing, but I never got a good reason why. For the mean time I bought a heated mattress pad, wear socks, a tee shirt, and yoga pants to bed. When I wake at 3 AM I'm in a pool of sweat- during the night my body will get to room temperature and I feeling sweaty and gross. Ack! Will it ever improve?

Hi AlliBee... I wish I had some answers for you! And for my brother too! He has the same issue. He had a bleed in June 2012 due to an AVM near his brain stem. He now has double vision, ringing in his ears and a cold sensation on one side of his face down to his hand. He sometimes puts a heating pad on his pillow and lays on it. He also has slept in a hunting cap that covers his face. The docs mentioned that it may be a circulation issue but at this point they don't know for sure. Just know you're not alone and if we find any answers I'll be sure to let you know!

I don't have any answers either, but I have this issue as well. My bleed was in April 2011, and I experience this as well. If I sleep fully dressed, I often wake up in a cold sweat, having kicked my socks off. If I sleep in light pajamas, I end up bundling myself in more blankets at some point. It's not just you.

I am 2 years post bleed, also hemiparetic. I do not feel it if I am cold but my husband and our oldest son always tell me my skin is cold on that side. I always wake up freezing and am freezing after I eat. I was told it was circulation.
On a separate note, I skimmed your profile, we have a lot in common except that you are so positive! Congrats on that, it is hard for me to find positivity. I usually only find enough to get out of bed and make it through the day without napping..napping part optional lol. How much of your mobility have you lost and regained? I have nothing from elbows to fingers (I can make a fist if I force it hard enough but cannot undo it) and nothing from the ankle to toes, I can barely control my knee.

I have the same thing only my AVM has never bled, it presses down on my brain so I have some left sided weakness and "heaviness". I use a rice bag because it starts warmer and slowly cools off, so you are less likely to wake up sweating. You can search "rice bag" on the internet for instructions on how to make and use them, hope it helps!

Well. I guess I’m not the only one. I’m a little discouraged that no improvement was made. It’s a real problem!

@ kristi
Wow, you are a warrior! Having 2 children and then had a stroke. How did you effect day to day life? I’d imagine changing diapers and get the baby dressed would be difficult for you with only 1 hand. I have the same problem. Opening my hand is impossible, I can squeeze really well but I can’t release. It can be so frusterating. The therapist told me the hands are the slowest to get back. So I can do basic movements on my shoulder, but my fingers are still paralyzed. Do you have an AFO? Is it difficult to pick up a baby? I would imagine that balancing could be an issue.

Hi AlliBee,
Any other symptoms w/ the cold?
I too have left-sided hemiparesis secondary to my right thalamic bleed & surgery 3 yrs ago. I also have tingling, burning, throbbing & icepick-stabbing sensations known as central pain syndrome, CPS affecting my entire left-side and my left hand and foot are always cold. They often appear 'bluish,' as if my circulation was affected, but my drs. have no answers or solutions for the cold extremities.
I hope your symptoms improve. :)

OMg yes to all! Luckily, my husband stuck by me and we agreed being poor and living off the government was safer than me being alone with the baby so he could work or Good Lord, putting our kids in daycare. So we are waiting for our oldest to go to school full days next year before he goes back to work. We were hoping I could start therapy and just keep working at it so I could be as strong as possible by then but I had a huge emotional set back and I had to focus on getting over the depression, the shock, the anger before I could get back to therapy. So, my husband does most of the baby stuff, especially once the baby broke the 20 lb mark, he was just too heavy for me and my own arm. And I have so much tone that my left arm sticks out, I often get stuck in doorways or punch kids in the face since they are at the perfect level (haha). But I can't go to therapy, it is just too expensive and I tried to do stuff at home's very discouraging when there is no improvement, the same or more pain and discovering exactly how limited you really are. In order to keep myself from breaking down every single day...I gave up. But now, we saved up money for a months worth of took a year to save it, very sad.
You know, no OT knew how to teach me how to handle a baby, just cook, use the bathroom, get dressed (have you figured out the bra thing? I have not and must wear a snap in the front bra which is really starting to get thin LOL, I need a new one, ugh; my husband still helps me get dressed most days). I use my foot to change diapers. I thought I could just use my left arm to kind of push his legs back but my arm is too weak for that. So I use my foot, I also use my good foot to tie my shoes. I don't pick up the baby, I've only held him sitting down except for a couple times I got in a jam and it was one risk vs. the other so I picked him up quick, put him down quick. Balancing is a huge issue all around for me..I could go on for days about that!
I wear an AFO, it's blue with butterflies on it. I got lucky, the hospital I was in offered it even though Medicaid would only cover an off-the-shelf AFO. I barely wear it because I don't like to go in public anymore. People make me nervous and when I get nervous I get severe peg leg and then I get embarrassed and want to cry LOL. Do you use a GivMohr? I have a subluxed shoulder, it was 2 fingers wide now its 3, sometimes it's so low you can actually see the shelf of my socket. My Giv Mohr should be worn more but the material is kind of annoying and somewhat painful.
I'm rambling, sorry. I've met other hemis here but not many and none seem to have the same level as me or be at the level. I'm always complaining I am so alone here, then you come along and people are all hemiparetic now! WTF?! Maybe I complain too much, I'm sure that's it LOL Oh, and I was pregnant when I had the stroke, I gave birth 6 months after the bleed, 3 months post-crani. No C-section, but I had to be strapped in a bed and positioned almost standing because I wasn't allowed to push. It's called a "passive delivery." It was my Dr.s first one and it was the best experience ever.