Cognitive Fatigue

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I’m taking the brace step towards going back to work soon, my only fear is if I’m ready, I’m excited, but also scared that I may not last a whole day. The only thing going for me is my job is my hobby, has anyone else managed to start working again? If so do you still suffer from lapse in concentration / cognitive fatigue???

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Hi Bhav. Many members have returned to work. There is adjustment period. Do not push yourself too hard. And if you make a mistake…well who doesn’t. We are only human! Good luck!

I didn’t go back to work, but I did go back to school. It was hard & daunting at first, but once you get back into the swing of things it gets easier. People are actually very accommodating. They know about your injury and are willing to help in any way they can. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or extra time on something, most people are very willing to do whatever they can to help you. If you don’t think you’ll be able to last the day, see if they’ll let you start with half days. My friend from rehab had an AVM too, & they let her start back on half days until she was ready to ease back into full days.

Hi Bhav
I am due to go back to work shortly after my op 4 weeks ago to remove AVM and aneurysm. I have been advised by my Neurosurgeon to phase in work, do 3 days per week to see how it goes, if all is well I will go back full time when I am satisfied that all is functioning correctly.
Just a thought, when I was having my op I spoke to a woman in the hospital who was having her second AVM removed. After her first AVM removal, she went back to work too soon and said she had confusion with her job after a while and had a bit of a breakdown, so you need to be careful, especially if your job is mentally taxing.
I do have some small cognitive difficulties but these are getting better all the time.
Is your employer fully aware of the operation you have had? I think it worth informing them about everything just so they don't start loading you up with work on your first day back.
Please be careful and listen to your body
All the very best

Yes my employers are fully aware of me. I’ve been off work for over a year, slightly scared about going back in, just feel panicky about it, in the sense just managing to keep focus for a whole day…

I tried to go back to work but it didn't work out so well for me. That's not to say that it won't for you. (My cognitive defecits are too great)I would just like to caution you to try to take it slow at first. I started with a couple of hours a day, two days a week. Fatigue is a concern so listen to your body. Ease back in to it until you're ready to jump in with both feet. Best of luck to you!

I have not started work. I am taking my time but when I try to do bills or anything requiring real thought processes I am overly tired afterward. I just got all of my Medicare info in the mail and just reading the top paper that came with the booklet confused me and I took a nap LOL. I haven't even looked at the book yet because it makes me so tired! Good luck on your coming journey and try not to push yourself too hard! I'm sure you can do it :)

stuart and Trish have made good points. Before you go to back to work consider keeping a daily diary monitoring what tires you out on a level of 1 - 5. One being 'not fatigued at all' 2 being 'mildly fatigued' 3 being 'fatigued' 4 being 'very fatigued' 5 being 'completely fatigued'. Then note what you were doing before, what you did after (eg did you rest and if so, for how long?) How long did the fatigue last, and finally, when did you last eat?

Good luck!

I’m considering the same and started a fatigue daily journal to help me track what possibly causes my fatigue, when fatigue sets in - if there’s a pattern, how long I nap, etc.

Also, here’s a link with possible “solutions”:

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