Cognitive Brain Fatigue

Hi, I recently fell alseep during my daughters gym class, I woke up an hour later and drive home and fall alseep for five hours. This was very unusual for me as I do try and keep active as much as possible. I was curious to know if anyone is taking medication to help keep the brain operating normally rather than shitting down daily???


No I just let my brain rest when needed. I noticed when I keep pushing once I start feeling tired, I’m down for days not hours. Sleep! Your brain needs extra rest

They told me when I left the hospital they told me part of the healing process was sleeping all the time & I slept for all but 6 hours every single day for MONTHS. It gets better. I’m finally feeling more energetic & I’m a year & a half out!

I feel exhausted frequentley. When I try to do too much I end up super tired for days. I don't feel like doing anything. I just can't help it. It's not that I want to take a nap, I GOT TO TAKE A NAP, or I will just fall out. Today I feel great. Energy, the whole nine yards. Might not feel that way tomorrow though. I know I am not a lazy person so I have decided that if I feel that way my body is saying I need to slow down. I have had people tell me that I need to just push through it and make myself get up and do stuff. But when I feel tired like that I just can't. When I feel good I feel good and when I feel bad I feel bad. It can be hard to get others to relate to you unless they have been through the same thing themselves. Thank God for this site!

Remember your brain has a BooBoo. Rest is good, but not always great for family life, but your body and mind is telling you you need rest. It is ok to I’m sorry it need to rest, maybe set a timer for 30 mins and see if that helps.