Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins, or Massachusetts General?

Newly diagnosed Dural AVM/F. I live in Rochester NY, and all of these locations are a few hours’ drive for me. Does anyone have specific recommendations or experience with these locations or particular doctors?

Johns Hopkins has a very strong reputation for doctors with AVM knowledge and expertise. Two of their highly trained neuro docs recently joined UCSD neuro institute in San Diego - I am one patient they saved and know of many other stories where their skills and training from Johns Hopkins was key.


If New York City is an option for you, I can recommend Dr Peter K Nelson, Chief of Interventional Radiology at NYU. He treated my spinal DAVF.

Good luck


I had a spinal AVM removed at Mass General and the doctors and staff were remarkable. Dr Shin, Dr Patel, and Dr Coke. I owe my ability to stand and walk to them.