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Classical Piano Music and Neural Pathways


Me again…

So, yesterday was a busy day - substitute taught (went okay - which was actually very good) - felt like a great big pile of ________ afterwards but that’s okay.

As typical, I expected today to be a bad day - but in my reading on the Curable App and in the Musicphobia, both of them talk about the power of music to “help” the brain. So while I was doing very exciting things - cleaning and laundry (news flash - dad guy cleans and does laundry and doesn’t watch football until the evening) - I had my earbuds in and had classical piano music (pandora’s free station) playing. Within 20 minutes, I noticed that my headache had dropped a couple of points, the noise in my head was there but was manageable, and I had only mild “off balance” issues. Hmmm, this is actually pretty cool.

About two hours later, I took the headphones out, put hearing aids back in and within 5 minutes it was all back to “normal” in terms of pain, noise, wobbly etc. Brought my son to grandma’s to mow her lawn, came home, put the headphones in and within 20 minutes, we were back to good.

So that raises two questions, actually maybe three…
First - I tried it with podcasts and other types of music - and it didn’t work. Is it unique to me or is it for everyone that it’s only that type of music?
Second - I would love to get a pair of hearing aids that hook up via Bluetooth so I can play music wiith out having to take my hearing aids out and put headphones in. Unfortunately, my finances are a wreck right now because social security hasn’t kicked in yet and I’ve been off work since January. Does anyone know of organizations or foundations that help with the affordability of things like that - especially if it helps with tinnitus research?
Third - any idea how to get it to continue when I turn the music off?

Okay, enough for the night, thank you all,