Chronic Pain Harms The Brain‏

For those of us suffering from chronic pain, I found this article very interesting & appreciate the research!

Thank you so much, Patti! Sending info on this research is so helpful for the members!

Hi Patti, I read this article and while I am blessed to be pain free, I found this information very interesting too. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Patty :),

I can't wait to tell my friends about this. Now I have a good reason as to why I act the way I do (laughing) <--- I couldn't help myself, I don't get out much - ha ha. :)

This is very interesting and makes a lot of sense to me. I have two friends who also suffer with chronic pain and I can’t wait to share this with them.

Thanks for sharing it Patty (smiles).


Hi Ben,
I really appreciate this article.
Brain damage aside lol, common sense tells me that being in pain 24/7 must have unknown affects besides the obvious. :0
Smiles back at ya,