My Mother's Mantra:
"Not alcohol, Not drugs Not relationships, Nothing BUT Chocolate makes everything better!


A local radio show host got the wild hare that one of them would run for President. So in their banter, they asked listens to call in to describe the way they could support him if he were elected or what office they might like to hold and why.

One of the best callers (lady) said "I am an expert and I want to be your Secretary of CHOCOLATE!" They loved it.

Ron, KS

I believe chocolate is one of the four basic food groups…LOL!

That's exactly my Mantra! Your mother and I are exactly alike!

I ate so much chocolate in December.. I need to go to rehab in january to kick off from the cacao. :D

Amen to that, sister =)

Haha no, it's all gone. In Holland we have a holiday at the beginning of december called 'sinterklaas' (a little like santa, but it's actually for kids). And with that holiday comes lots of candy, including letters of chocolate. And I got a lot of those hihi!
Enjoy your days my chocolate-friends. :D