Children With Obliterated Brain AVM Long Term follow ups

Hello, I am wondering how many of you have children whose brain AVMs were obliterated at a young age and have not returned. At what age was their AVM obliterated and how long since it was obliterated? TIA

Do you mean obliterated by radiation, surgery or either. If by surgery my son had his second crani at 12. There was residual after the first. That was in March 2009. Everything has been clear since. He will be 18 on October 13th.

Thanks for your reply. I meant obliterated by radiation or surgery.

According to my son's surgeon, if there is no residual after successful surgery then AVM will not return. They did a post angiogram and x-ray(1 year after operation)to confirm there was no residual. Hope it helps.


My son had gamma knife surgery at age 7 and he is now 10 1/2 and doing well