Children and school

We had to take our children with us 2 different times to the Mayo in Jacksonville. We stayed overnight both times. Unfortunately, they had to miss school. We have NO ONE we could leave them with. They are ages 10 and 13. It hard to get more than one doctor to see you on one day as it is. We can't pick and choose when we go. We live 2 1/2 hours away. School policy says that the only time a child would be excused would be if it was because of their health, not a family members. What the crap are we supposed to do? leave them at home by themselves? We get a $100 fine and or jail time if they have too many unexcused absences. If we leave them by their selves over night, what kinda trouble would that get us into? My father lives with us but he is not in the best of health, so we really don't feel comfortable leaving them with him with us that far away. The next procedure I'll have will be this month, another embolization, when they will be on Christmas vacation. We won't have anymore overnight stuff after that. Just day trips for MRIs, ect. But really what the CRAP are you supposed to do? Sorry, just venting. Well I feel better now, well not much...

Melissa, Contact the School Board and get special option for your children. They have rules, but they must be able to change them in special cases. They may want your doctor's records. Wish you the best!

Melissa, exactly what Louisa said. I have twin 15yo girls that had the absences excused by the Principal during my craniotomy stint in February. Reach out to them as we did; they were extremely understanding. Prayers..

I spoke with Hunter's principal and she said that she would talk to the school board.