Child birth

im only 30 fpound out a few years ago my avm is so large that it is wrapped around my utetus. it is on my right buttocks. i want yo try and have a child but im very scared about delivrry and growth of the baby. im having a really hard time decideing if its ok to try or not i dont want any harm to come to me or the baby

You may wish it click in thus old thread…
There is also a PregnancyAVM sub-group too. Click on files located at the top of the page and scroll down until you find it. Then join!
Good luck!

My wife had an AVM in the uterus, it was discovered after 2 failures. It was emolised and we have had 3 children since. That was 14 years ago and we didn’t know much about it back then, sadly we have just been diagnosed with one in the face and our journey continues.
These things seem to be slightly different in each case but we had a good OB and she found a good surgeon and at the time our first success was considered rare. Sites like this help with encouragement plus connection to good treatment options. Good luck

One way to find out if it is safe or not is to find a good OB doctor and vascular doctor and have them look at your case closely. Maybe you can find an OB with experience working with AVM's and consider getting a few opinions from doctors. Good luck!