Cheers to you

Hi Everyone took a little brake from the computer went out to get some fresh air but it wasn’t that long that i would come right back here…Well Johnathan Made Captain of the wrestling team and he will not wrestle until all this is over and made it in the news paper was about his last wrestling tournament we are proud of him. Hope all of you guys are doing well and being happy . I turn on some music tried to have a good time and it work so tomorrow in my morning coffee i will put some more on. Ok well Have a good night…Johns having no strange feeling or headaches at all no side effects at all while taking Keppra 1000mg a day. His performance in school acedemics are still the same and constration the same…all good
thank you
xoxox hugggggggggggs and kissssssssses!!

That is so great to hear - I work at Ontario High School and I know it is so hard to be in High School, he is doing great. My brother takes Carbatrol(2years) and Keppar(9months), he was only on Carbatrol for a longtime and did well, last year about this time 7months since radiation he started to have some side effects - brain swelling. He had to start on Keppar to control small focal seizures in his hand and arm. He has not had any seizures for one year now, He has not been driving because he does not feel that great(dizzy). But, we are hoping when the swelling goes down that he will feel better. Only 1% of people who have radiaiton get the swelling - of course he had to be the one %. LOL. My mom and dad are retired and they take him where he needs to go. Take care of John and take care of you! Hugs

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