Cheek AVM treatment in Israel

Hello, I am living in israel and have AVM in my left cheek and want to treat it, if there any people that treat cheek AVM in israel I will be very happy if you contact me

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Welcome to AVM survivors! I’ve had a little look around and so far, I haven’t found any references to doctors in Israel. From what I’ve read, many people travel to the US (and one to Germany) for treatment. I’ll invite some folk to chat with you.

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My other thought is that for a facial AVM, I think the names I’ve seen on this forum are Drs Wayne F Yakes and James Y Suen, both in the US.

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Hi Neta,
Welcome to the community! I’m not sure if you’ll be able to get an Israeli AVM surgeon’s name here. I’m from India and I don’t think there are that many Asians in this community. The names Richard suggested like Dr Suen are the most referred names here. But don’t give up if it seems too beyond what you can access. I too have facial AVM and I have been turned down by several doctors I consulted. I too tried contacting Dr Suen. But luckily, I just had most of my AVM removed 4 months back, here in India itself (under Dr Subramania Iyer- Amrita Institute of Medical Science). The thing is that my doctor wouldn’t be known as an AVM surgeon (he’s a head & neck, plastic surgeon). So maybe you can check for similar profiles in your country as well or if in Asia, maybe you can google my surgeon, he’s made some pretty impressive headlines. Or try at what Richard said. All depends on how far you can afford to go.


Hi Neta

I believe there is maybe a vascular surgeon or an interventional radiologist at one of the hospitals in Jerusalem, Hadassah or Shaare Zedek. I had asked our London consultant for a name there as my daughter was going to Israel for a month. She has Avm’s through her right leg.

With so much wonderful technology in Israel there must be a doctor who knows Avm’s.

Would love to know if you find someone. Behatzlacha :heart: Xx


Hi Neta,
my daughter has a brain AVM . when we were researching drs here in Israel, one of the names that came up most frequently was Dr. Constantini. we opted to go to the US and she was operated on by Dr. Spetzler. She’s currently under the supervision of Dr. Amsalam in Shaarei Tzedek. He used to be the head of the dept in Rambam and a few years ago moved to ST when they built their neuro- intervention department.
Another dr that my daughter saw was Dr. Mati Bakon- the head of the neuro intervention dept at Sheba.
there are a few options here. its a matter of looking around. I don’t know if you know of Benny Fisher/ Ezra L’marpeh or Harav Furer. they were both extremely instrumental in our quest to find a dr. if I can send you any numbers please feel free to contact me.

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Hi Neta,
I hope that you have been successful in your search.
My son has/had an AVM in his left cheek, sinus and jaw.
I highly recommend Dr. Suen in Little Rock, AK if you need to come to the states.
I would be happy to talk to if you would like.