Check up

Well went for check up last week. And didnt get to see my prof. But saw a registrar (And a very good looking one if i do say). But he told me that the feeder vessels are imbedded into my jaw bone. And thats why they will have to keep an eye on it as it could grow back. And they didnt just cut the muscle they removed part of it. Hence why i can only open my gob so far.

But they are happy with the recovery and the fact that the bloody clot is going down well. And ive been given an exercise for my muscle. Using the tounge spatulas. So far i can get 17 in my mouth. Oh the fun. lol

Hope everyone else is doing well. Keep those chins up xx

its amazing what we can do if we try hard enough.
maria you get that spatula going and u work it girl.
stay strong.

Good luck with your recovery, Maria. That sounds so complicated. I hope it doesn’t grow back. It must be such a difficult thing to deal with but it sounds like you have a great attitude. My thoughts are with you.

on your blog, not really sure what exactly you are referring to… Confused… my vm is in my tongue neck throat face… do you have something like that??? Talk soon… Sharon

Hey Maria! glad to hear that blood clot is doing what it is supposed to! And yes those pesky little feeders…hope it doesn’t grow back! Have they talked about just embolizing those to reduce the risk of them “doing” anything??? Keep an eye on it! With luck they won’t cause you any issues and this one surgery will do the trick!

Glad to hear you are doing well!