Chat Room FAQ

Thanks to Gordon D and John Scott for their suggestions of a chat help page for us.

  1. How do I start chatting?

There is a thin chat bar on the bottom every page. To start chatting, click on that bar. When someone says something in the chat room, you’ll hear a faint beep. To reply, type into the box on the bottom and click ENTER.

  1. How come no one in the chat room responds to me?

If you see people in the chat room and no one responds to me, don’t take it personally. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t mean the people you see in the chat box are actually inside the chat room. They may just be online viewing the forum or blog and didn’t hear the beeping of people talking the chat room. Type “hello” a couple of times to let others hear the beep and then just try again later.



Hello, how is everyone?


Hey, Brian, the chat room in on the bottom of our home page.