Change Of Diet?

I had my AVM of the Cerebellum removed 2 years ago and I still struggle walking, have limited use of my right side and have gained lots of weight because I am unable to be as (if at all) as active as I use to be.
My question is, has anybody ever tried to change their diet and the above problems seem to be more manageable?
I have nerve damage in my back which the weight hasn't helped also.
I am at my wits end.
Any advice you can give, I would appreciate.
Thank you

Hey Kellie. Idk about switching up diet. I subbed fruits for sweets and veggies for salty snacks. Seemed to help. I wanted to suggest pool time. It’s a great low impact full body work out. And it’s where I feel the most like my old self. As with all advice, consult with your Dr to see if it fits you.

Hey, Kellie - I tried going gluten free, grain and dairy free, vegan, and vegetarian for reasons like, I was trying to see if my balance got better, my skin allergies were food related etc. I, too, have dealt w weight gain. My digestive system has been weakened )my acupuncture doc told me) but she did not recommend cutting entire food groups - I did that on my own. I will say that I felt “lighter” after going vegan. Did that for a year. But the biggest change was that I started working out even though my bleed was in the cerebellum, too, and my balance sucks. My trainers know my issues and take care of safety. I use an AlterG antigravity treadmill so I can run. I LOVE that thing. Still struggling w weight and body image issues bc we successfully shocked the system and I began running in earnest but did not eat more calories. In fact, I ate less due to stress. So after a couple years of that my body was cannibalizing itself and I gained even MORE weight. !!! I was not pleased about that. But it was the inability to train and manage the neural fatigue in every day life that caused my personal trainer to out his foot down. NNow I’m under a dietician’s (his wife) care and eat a lot of protein, including animal products. I try to eat for energy and not be afraid of carbs. I’ve increased my caloric intake by 700 cal per day over 1.5 years. We’ve had ups and downs, and I still have about 300 calories to add before I’m in a more sustainable range. Nothing really improved my symptoms- it’s just that when I found people to keep me safe I started moving more and they made me start becoming friends with food again. My diet had become too restricted bc I was trying to manage my symptoms in the wrong way. That said, I think that if you DO see improvement but cutting things out from your diet, more power to you! It just didn’t work for me, but everyone’s different. Just wanted you to know you’re not alone in managing Survivor body image issues and please, if you alter your diet, do it safely, not what I did. :slight_smile: ann

Thankyou Jeremy, I will give it a go x

Thank you Ann
I too eat less and am gaining. I think I might see an alternative medicine practitioner and they may give me a 'what I am doing wrong' reason and hopefully i can get back into sum of my clothes again and mainly start feeling like a person again.
Seen I have difficulty walking etc I may take Jeremy's advice & try swimming.
Thank you for all your support. Knowing I am not the only person that this is happening too helps so much x

My daughter has found that pilates -- with the machines and a good coach -- has been very helpful for both working out and improving her balance. Better walking and less falling!

Hi Kellie!

I had an AVM on my spinal cord four years ago and am doing pretty well now, although I am four inches shorter and also have gained weight, but that's because I like to eat!!

I have an exercise machine in my garage that I use twice a day and I am back at PT for my back, so maybe that will help me. Try to do some small exerceise every day in any way you can. At least then, you'll feel like you are moving in the right direction, and Rome wasn't built in a day.

You made it! You are alive! That's the big thing. All the best to you!


HI Sophie
I will try anything to be able to walk proper.
Thank you

Hi Donna
I should be grateful I know but I just get dressed and I tend to get in a mood from then on.
I will incorporate a bit of all the advice given & shorly I must see something hey.
Thank you