Change in hair?

For you who had a craniotomy, id you notice a change in your hair (other than the chunk they shaved? haha My hair is so dry since the surgery. I cannot stand unhealthy hair, i'd rather have very short hair than long dry hair. I am not on any medication, so it's not that. Is it just a coincidence? I just noticed lots of changes since surgery.

you will your body is still recovering, give it time :)

Oh I know :) I am being patient :) I am just wondering if its related and if other people experienced that!

Well your body has been thru a huge shock. Not too mention that certain types of anesthesia can remain in the body up to a year. I would ask a hair dresser and see what they think.

Thank you! I will but my head is so sensitive but i look like I have a mope on my head and do need to do something haha I felt lucky my hair covered my cut but now with such hair i am about to wear a hat or scarf anyway! haha

I just had them shave me bald. I went shopping soon after I was released from the hospital. Still using a cane and a brace! What an amazing experience. Complete strangers came up to me and started to tell me about their own personal experiences with catastrophic illnesses. Everyone was totally supportive and told me never give up until I regained my health! I did wear scarves and hats.

That is awesome everyone was supportive! People know that i had surgery but are shocked when they see me "it doesnt show" haha I was surprised when i woke up with hair. I expected to be bald or half my head shaved.