Challenging Yourself

Today was an interesting day. I went down to Galveston Texas with a good friend. We went down to the Strand area. Down on the water we were given a flyer to go out on a boat and see the dolphins swimming. So we did that. When we went to get on the boat, there were 4 STEEP steps, and something was blocking my leg. At first I was ready to say “no way”. But the captain of the boat, 2 people going out also, and a deck hand pretty much literally picked me up and put me in the boat! At first it seems kinda embarrassing, but I am really thankful that kind folks helped me. We saw dolphins, big ships, and it was so cool out there! I know we have to be careful, use some common sense. But I am glad we took a chance and did something like this. It made for a “normal” and fun day. I challenge all of you avm survivors to do the same. Do be safe, don’t go too crazy, lol. But don’t let this stuff take all of the life out of you. It’s a great world, try to see some of it;)

What a great story!

It sounds like you had a lot of fun! Any dolphin pictures?

Never be embarrassed…always be proud!

Hey James,

Glad you took a chance and got to see the dolphins. May you have many more memorable experiences.