Cerebral AVM post surgery and pregnancy

Hello friends,

Im a case of cerebral AVM, had my gamma knife craniotomy done in 2018, off my epilepsy medication since April this year.
My neurosurgeon mentioned is okay for me to proceed our family planning, but my gynae is worry natural vaginal delivery is quite stressful for my brain.
Anyone have similar experiences?

Hi, had you had a follow up - angiogram or mri?

Is “she”(the AVM) completely gone?

If so, I don’t see the direct risk - of course I’m no medical professional

As far as “this” prob being passed on through your genes - well, unfortunately there aren’t many direct or certain answers to that

:pray: for you! Wish u the best!

Are you formally diagnosed as epileptic?
Do you do EGG every 6 months?
Have you don’t 72 hours EEG?
Did your AVM ruptured or not?


My AVM didn’t rupture, it’s found out when I having an epilepsy 3 years ago. It’s a single episode of epilepsy but I’m on anti epileptic for 3 years till this year April.
Did EEG last year and this year, my neurosurgeon is fine to off my medication since there is no further attacks with reducing dosage.

So you started reducing dosage little by little or in 6 weeks you went from 100% to 0%?

I had 2 children with my AVM still untreated after a bleed 10 years earlier. 30 years ago now. Both by C section for safety. No problems either birth though taken in early as BP up a little. Hope this helps.


Yes as per Dr’s instruction.
What I can recall, from Keppra 2000mg gradually decrease to 250mg before I off this medication.

Good to hear that.
Just wonder, did u found ur AVM when u are pregnant? Or after pregnant ?

I found my AVM when I was 18 after a bleed but had my children 10 and 12 years after. No treatment available for it in late 70s so I wasn’t offered the gamma knife until 1999. My gynae was same not keen on the idea of pushing and raised BP. Hope all goes well for you.

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My daughter is only 13 , but one of the questions we asked the dr was how the AVM would impact her if she wanted to have children. At the time we were told she would need to be monitored more carefully during her future pregnancies and she would need to have a c section
Much luck to you