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Hi guys just after some advice and maybe some reassurance…
I had my 2 year mri in nov2018 after my mri I asked the person who performed the mri if he could let me have a look at the scan to which he replied he was not allowed to, I asked him what the size of my Avm was again he told me he couldn’t I probed him some more with more questions and eventually we got to the stage where I said I guess it’s still there and you can’t give me the size he said yes, so i went away thinking it’s still there in the hope that it was reduced.
I got a pre assessment for an angiogram second week in jan and the appointment for the angiogram yesterday 28th jan.
After my angiogram the neuroradiologist told me that the Avm has completely cleared and that he will send the images to my consultant.
I was so happy it was hard to contain myself but after coming home I started to think how can it go completely from nov til jan, and I am still getting lots of headaches and numbness in my left arm as I’m writing this today.
Has this ever happened to anyone else ?
What should I take from it?
I’m so happy but should I just calm down abit?
Is this real?

Ps I had gamma knife in nov 2016

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.
Love to hear from you


Wow, we are so similar it is scary! I had Gamma knife in November 2016, an MRI in November and angiogram yesterday! I don;t have my results as of yet but I am going with the radiologist based on the angio. The angio is certainly “the” test for these. I would have a good sit down with your consultant and chat, and while the MRI person does lots of MRI’s the AVM in the brain is a different beast for them. Those results are interpreted by a specialist and not the operator. In my case my angio was recommended based on my MRI. Mine was not visible, the angio was done to see if it is or isn’t still there and the MRI in November was with contrast.

I’m really leaning to you being happy certainly I would talk with the consultant. I can see how this would be frustrating! Like I said, for me it is all based on my angio! Take Care, and please let us know he result, John.


Thakyou for sharing your experience… I’m not sure if the people doing the angiogram should actually tell us…
But thanks again for sharing your experience…:crossed_fingers:



The people doing an angiogram are doctors (so far as I know) whereas a person doing an MRI is not (or usually not in the UK, anyway). In general, it needs to be a doctor who interprets these things, hence the radiographer not really being allowed to tell you anything but the doctor being free to tell you what he saw.

Often, scans are looked at in more detail or with a team of doctors from different disciplines to arrive at the final conclusion as to nothing to do / something to do (and what). So I expect you’ve got a good initial indication from your angiogram but they’ll check over it in perfect detail before your final consult.

Good luck! I’ll cross my fingers & toes for you, too. I’m already struggling to walk with them crossed for John :rofl:



The same here as in UK in respect to MRU and Angio. The Dr. doing the angio is the person who reads the MRU done by the tech. At my MRI I was told nothing, even though I asked but didn’t push. The Dr. after my angio said it looked good but that was initial quick look during the procedure and he would need to sit down and do a complete analysis due to a lot of smaller vessels being involved. So while it looks good…I have nothing definitive and I will await the final result via my neuro folks to hear the final analysis. Take Care, and hopefully all results are in fairly quickly!


Hi! How was your angio? Where you nervous?


It was my second angiogram, try not to worry or stress too much, it’s not painful and the team around you are really professional and talk you through every step to put you at ease it’s just a slight cut in the groin area and put a camera in through to your brain you get a hot flush when putting dye in a couple of times then a bit of discomfort when they take the camera out and apply a fair bit of pressure to close the wound for about ten mins. Then your in recovery room for a while and on your way home…
Hope that helps… but honestly don’t stress


Mine went as smooth as can be! It was my third one although I have zero recollection of the first as it was when I was in the hospital post bleed. The team was amazing, was only about 45 minutes and done.


45 minutes :scream::scream::scream: Ok… It will fly… Thank you for the answers!