Cerebral angiogram problems

I had a Cerebral angiogram done 5 days ago and was wondering what some of the side effects of this treatment are. I have a large black and blue and alot of pain. I was wondering if this is normal?

If your black and blue mark and pain are in the hip, that is one of the most common side effects of an arteriogram. It means you had some bleeding there where they entered the femoral artery. It's also possible you moved the leg too soon afterwards. It should be fine, but feel free to call your doctor's office with questions.

I also had a large bruise from my first angiogram, it took a while to heal but it eventually went away. You definatley shouldn't be bleeding though. My second time I had no bruising at all.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I hope everything. Is ok. Thank you for your reply

Thank you for your reply! I did wait 2 days before I started to move around. On day 4 the pain increased and iss causing me to walk with a limp. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow and I hope all is well.

Evidently I moved during my first angio because I had a huge bruise too. Good luck tomorrow!

Hi Christopher,

The bruising (Haematoma) is caused by the initial incision at the puncture site and or when

pressure is applied to close the site. The tenderness is normal, the black and blue color should

dissapear within 10 days of your procedure. The pain can be alleviated using OTC analgesics, check

with you Dr or Pharmacists as to the most suitable analgesic. Hope this information helps.

Thank you for the information and advice.

Hi Christopher, I had this done (first time awake) on the 13th Feb, After the scan I was allowed home about 4 hours later. I had some pain during the Angio as there wasn't enough local pain killers used. The day after I was in pain (like a pulled muscle) on my leg going round to the back of the leg. There was bruising also but nothing major. The pain lasted about a week and then after that I had a small lump formed where the Angio was administered. I would say if you are in any doubt at all then make an appointment with the GP to get it checked out. :) Wishing you well.