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Cerebellum AVM bleed into the Brainstem


Hi Allie, I’m based in Toronto but my brother lives in Honduras. He got the stroke there and we flew him in an emergency to Houston, now the insurance is running out. I am sorry to hear about your daughter, I’ll be back in Toronto and perhaps we can try to meet and share experiences. For us this is week 8 and we are fighting the aftermath of a long brain infection and seizures. Did you have any issue with seizures at the time of waking up?

Thanks again


¡Hola Coquito!

Me gustaría usar este momento para practicar mi español un poco. Discúlpeme
si hago muchos errores. Me gustan mucho los idiomas pero no tengo muchas
oportunidades para hablar (o escribir) con un hispanohalante.
Me da pena la situación con su hermano. Espero que le vaya mucho mejor en
las próximas semanas. Al punto de ocho semanas le parece sin duda como
mucho tiempo ha pasado, pero los daños cerebrales necesitan meses aún años
para recuperarse. Afortunadamente mi hermana no tenía ningunas

Ok I’m switching to English now. Can’t think anymore. Is your brother fully
awake now? Can he speak? Move his arms/legs? This all took a very long time
to come back for my daughter. So scary. Did he suffer from what the
doctors called neurostorming or autonomic storming? My daughter did. It was
weeks of high temperatures, super fast heart and breathing rate, rigid
muscle spasms, profuse sweating. It was awful. The teeth grinding was so
intense I thought she’d wear down or chip her teeth. I hope your brother
can stay in the hospital that is best for his care. To have to worry about
insurance must be awful. We are to this day still so thankful for our
Canadian health system and how that aspect was not a worry for us.

Please let me know if you have more questions. I doubt I’d be able to meet
up with you because I’m caring for my daughter every day but I’m happy to
communicate online. Take care and your brother is in my thoughts.


Hi @Coquito,

Yes, my sister did have seizures and is now on a daily dose of keppra (anti seizure meds).


Coquito, any updates on your brother?


Hi Sarah, omg such a long and hard journey. In February they induced him (again) in a coma to stop the seizures and he sort of stayed on it so drs said they saw little chance of recovery. They suggested the worst options and it was tremendously hard. One of his drs fought for him and told us to wait 1 month to see the real outcome of the seizures. He woke up again but very weak, we transferred him to Mexico (our home country) and he’s now recovering some movement and out of the respirator. He also got his shunt unadjusted after an MRI in mid march! So this is something to watch in your sisters case (i think) and that send him ‘back’ like a month, he is aware some hours of the day and he understands what we say, when i Skype with him he replies with his eyes but still can’t speak and has the feeding tube. Drs say likely in a month he can go home. Is you sister in a house already? How is her progress?


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Update on your sister?