Cerebal angiogram

Hi my iron levels are now at a level to where I can have my avm clipped but my surgeon says I need this angiogram if possible before my surgery as well as after I was wondering how painfull this is as this worries me far more than the opp x

I had 2 angiograms; my experience (different people may have different experiences) is that it is uncomfortable, but not overly painful. From what I recall it is uncomfortable at the beginning and then I got used to it. I do have a disclaimer though: I don't remember very well as for all angiograms I was given a tranquilizer of sorts. But if I were told that I have to get an angio again, I would not be concerned about it; hope that gives you an idea. So I guess my answer to your question is that it is a little uncomfortable. Others have different angio experiences? be welcome to comment!

Thanx so much xx

Thank you x

I've had 3 angiograms. For me, the worst part is lower back pain from lying flat afterwards while the artery seals back up. My most recent angio was in June. I had an angiogram & Gamma Knife that day. Three days later, I was at a dance class--I modified the movements that day, but I went & felt fine. We were working on a cane choreography, so I was able to focus on upper body more than leg/hip movements that day.