Central Pain Syndrome: I am one of 100,000‏

For those of us also enduring Central Pain Syndrome, to help raise CPS awareness, I submitted a pic along w/a brief description of this pain monster to Rare Disease Day 2013 @ http://www.flickr.com/photos/rarediseaseday/8231988159/in/photostream.

Quoting recent Nat'l Institute Neurological Disorders & Stroke literature, I am one of 100,000 in America affected by CPS...

Because of CPS, walking is excruciatingly painful & limiting, so when in public for extended outings, I use a manual wheelchair or mobility scooter.


Nice job on the videos, Patti. I’m a big fan of video awareness, and I feel much more knowledgable on CPS.

Thanks, jules. :)
This was a photo entry for Rare Disease Day 2013 & entries are allowed a brief description of their rare disease. Another opportunity to raise awareness! :)

Without clicking on your link, I assumed (and you know what they say about assuming :slight_smile: ) that it was the video: