Cellphones and shunts

Just read something that others may find interesting, although it’s old news. Cellphones have magnets that may interfere with how shunts work AND may actually change settings.
Never had a problem myself, to my knowledge. Anyone else ever hear about this?

Hey TDZ,
Yes, I have heard of this occurring but it can depend on the type of shunt valve. Initially I had a fixed pressure shunt valve (non-adjustable) so there was no issue with magnets. Then years later they installed an adjustable magnetic valve and I was advised to use handsfree on my phone. I have had some issues in regard to the valve settings, now whether this has been because of magnetic interference or just adjusting the pressures to the appropriate level to maintain an acceptable level of CSF, I’m unsure.
So, yea, I have heard of this.

Merl from the Modsupport Team

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Interesting :thinking: I have a vp shunt and haven’t had any issues yet thanks to my iPhone so hopefully that is never the case FINGERS CROSSED!!

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