Anyone one have a CCM combined with a DVA? I have a CCM in my posterior frontal lobe with a vein draining out of it (DVA). would love to talk to someone who has the same thing!Hopefully shed som light on it.

Suzy I do know that having a dva associated with a cm is quite common. DVA’s typically do not cause too many issues, but I do know that the problem can be if they get in the way of removal of a cm. Because DVA’s can not be removed. They do also carry risks, but apparently the risks are much smaller then that of avms or cms.

I had the exact same thing. It was also thought to of been an AVM until a contrast ct scan determined it to be a CM. I also have a DVA, and my doctor said that he didn’t remove those during the surgery to remove the CM. The DVA was left behind with no complications at all. My surgery was performed almost exactly 3 years ago, and now it’s all just a distant memory.