Cavernous vs AVM...need help please

Hello On July 10th My husband had a severe vomit that lead to nausea and passed out in bathroom. When I came in the bathroom I saw him lying flat on the floor with blood coming out of his head. He must have hit his head hard on the floor. So we called ER and they did CT Scan but found nothing. Since then the same incidence occurred again on July23rd this time he didn't pass out. So we spoke to the family doctor and he advised to go to Neurosurgeon. When we saw neurosurgeon she asked to get MRI done. We found in the MRI that he either has cavernous malformation or AVM. So we went to see specialist at John Hopkins hospital he advise to get Angiogram done. Although the doc at John Hopkins did mention he had something in the front lobe on the right side. He is also having some hearing problems even after getting ear wax out. So right now we don't have any symptoms waiting for Angiogram which is schedule for Sept 20.
I wanted to know what happens next if they diagnose something?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There are several possibilities for treatment for cerebral AVMs: embolization, craniotomy, or gamma knife (radiation). If you type any one of these in the search box at the upper right of this page, you can learn more about others' experiences with these treatments. AVMs are as unique as fingerprints, though, so your husband's experience will be unique and not quite like any other. It's easy to get scared reading others' stories, but please don't frighten yourself unduly; some people have an easier recovery, and some a more difficult one, but until you speak again with your husband's doctor, there is no way of knowing anything but general information at this point. Best wishes!

Hi Ash,
Cavernous Malformations, CM's are in the same vascular malformation 'family' as AVM's, though different in structure and do not show up on angiogram.
I have cavernous malformations & we have a sub-group @
Hope the upcoming appt. goes well and will provide you & your husband with reassuring answers & direction of care.
Best wishes.

Hello Patti,
Thank you for your response. So If CM don't show in Angiogram how do we diagnose the problem? MRI result show that there is something wrong but they don't know if its CM or AVM. How do the doctors differentiate? Can you please provide more information on it.

An experienced team of neuroradiologists, neurologists & neurosurgeons can diagnose CM's with MRI's with & without contrast.
Best wishes.

HI Patti,
Do you have a page here? I am so confused on here and see that I don 't see your posts. So how do I find you page? How are you doing by the way? I'm the same, have a lot of pain in my legs- same old! Last night was bad, my Husband massaged my legs and it helped a little, woke up rough today but have pushed through! Trying to stay as positive as possible. Hope you are doing ok
Love Heidi

Thank you everyone for your feedback. I really appreciate it. We will keep you posted.