Cavernoma - A Very Rare Type of AVM

Ever heard of Cavernoma? Rare as AVM already is, cavernoma is an even rarer type of AVM which occurs in the brain.

Yahoo! ran an article about a girl, Keira Vidikan, 6, who was diagnosed with the condition. At first, doctors thought she had an aggressive type of brain tumor when she was taken to a hospital after having a major headache.

Fortunately, she was referred to the Cleveland Clinic after 6 hours of grueling tests showed her condition was more vascular in nature. There, competent doctors were able to confirm that it was AVM.

Follow this story which made it to Yahoo!'s main news feed.

Hi Armando,
The article was moving, though confusing due to the authors choice of wording.
If I may, I'd like to clarify the difference between a cavernoma & an AVM.
A cavernoma (also known as a cavernous malformation & cavernous angioma) is a vascular malformation of its own kind, though it is in the same vascular malformation 'family' as an AVM, but is different in structure & not as 'aggressive' as an AVM.
AVM's consist of fast-flowing blood through malformed arteries & veins, resembling 'cooked spaghetti.' Cavernomas consist of seeping blood through malformed capilaries & veins that would resemble a 'raspberry.'
Presently in the U.S., treatment for cavernomas is surgery only.
Radiosurgery for cavernomas is controversial in the U.S.
I hope my simplified version of the difference helps clarify any confusion, without stepping on toes. ;)

WOW! Thanks for that very enlightening piece of information, Patti G!

You're welcome, Armando! :)
It comes from 25 yrs. of personal experience with cavernomas, AKA CM's! ;)
Our sub-group has LOTS of info & pt. resources for anyone interested.
Have a great weekend!

Patti G is correct. A cavernoma is NOT an AVM. For further information on the condition, go to