Cautiously optimistic!

is happy (but cautiously optimistic) to inform you all that I had an MRI on Saturday and it shows that my AVM has shrunk significantly since my last MRI in January! (i had GK in May of 2011) There is a lot of swelling, which causes me a lot of discomfort, but we are thankful for this wonderful news anyways!

I'm very happy for you! Thanks for sharing your good news.

Great news! (Can't wait until I get the same news :))

wow that's big news! I, too, had gk in May of 2011, and am now waiting for my 1-yr post-op visit with my neurosurgeon. Had the MRI taken on Monday, April 30. Appointment for consult was originally May 8th, but it was now rescheduled for May 15th. And I, too, am experiencing symptoms, pains, and discomforts of the swelling, but I hope it's a good sign...