Catching a Break

I want to write about when I went back to work and
was challenged by my supervisor because my memory was
not up to what it used to be. I mentioned this some time
ago, but there is more I should say.

My supervisor was a nice person, and all, but she had
the best memory of anyone I ever met. If you told her
something about your job she would remember it verbatim
for months. Compared to her no one had a memory that
rated well, certainly not a recovering AVM patient.

I had no idea that I was being challenged, but early
in that week, at work, I was thinking about one of
the doctors, one that had a problem. The year before
she had done some outstanding work, but the agency had
no money to reward her and so they gave her two fine expensive special bookcases for her office. One day she asked movers to move them, while still loaded with books, just a few inches. There was no time to unload them and one broke at the base and could not be used. She was not happy.
I used to sell a piece of antique furniture now and then
and so I brought in my tools and wood glue and glued
the base of her bookcase and set it with a clamp. In a couple days it was ready to be used again and you could not tell it. Part of my job? No, not at all, but she deserved it and was glad I did it. I didn't need a thank you. And
then there was a computer question from the secretary
that week, and I was the only one who could answer it.

It just happened that all that occurred early in the
week that I was being challenged for my job, by
my supervisor. I am told that all these things were
brought up to try to help me in the meeting.

After it was over supervisor came to me and told me
that I was not to worry again about being challenged,
but I was welcome to stay there and continue
working. No hard feelings. I did stay for a couple
more years and that same supervisor later thanked me
for a project I did for her, and she told me that she
was glad that I learned to talk again and walk again
so I could come back to assist them there.

When I left I was ready to retire, and
it was the right time.

Sometimes, being an AVM survivor, we can use any little
break we can get!

Hi John. I always enjoy reading your memories and I am glad you were able to retire when the time was right for you. How is your new granddaughter? Happy Easter!

Thank you, Susan.
Grand-daughter is fine, and can cry louder than any baby
I have heard in years!