Carters surgery is Sept. 30 2010

Well its 4 days away until the big day I wanted to fill you guys in with what is going to happen the best I can…we have decided to go with Children’s in San Diego …The plan is to cut some tended in his right leg (above the knee and by the ankle) which would help release the stress on his knee and ankle if all goes as plan they will cast his ankle flat than move on to the knee… this is where it gets tricky … the plan is to put a hallo type device around his knee with screws into the bones…we do not want to upset the AVM so we pray the Dr does not touch it …This device will need to be adjusted 4 X a day for at least 6-8 weeks than it will stay on for about 2 months after we get the results we want…so we are looking at maybe 4-6 mos in this contraption thingy on his knee…hopefully 6 weeks post surgery we can have the cast takin off the ankle …so thats the plan…He will hopefully only be in the hospital 24 hours so hopefully we will be home fri. afternoon…A few people have asked what Carter would like to help his recovery and all I can think about is LEMONs lemon bars and cakes that is … The boy has learned that when life gives you lemons you make lemonade …No really the kid LOVES lemon pies, lemon bars anything from lemons …any thoughts and prays are needed and if anyone wants to send him a get well card let me know I can give you my address…Thanks again for your cares and love for my big boy Carter… thanks again

My prayers and best wishes for a successful surgery!

Take care,


Tell Carter that when he comes to Australia, I will bake him a lemon meringue pie!! All the very best for the big day, my thoughts and prayers are with you all, Lesley.

I live close by - just south of Corona and north of Lake Elsinore. When Carter comes home, I’d be happy to bring by a lemon pie or something (or would you prefer it before?). In the meantime, if you need anything, please know that I’m here to help. I’m still recovering myself from surgery, but my husband can drive me and I’m very functional. If I can have your address, I can drop off a card and something lemony. Maybe a comic book or something to read?

2 more days and the nerves are flying…todays mission is to make the house wheelchair friendly …thanks for everything Carter will be so excited for all his lemon goodies…

Kat I will let you know when a good day is for you to visit …would love to meet you …thanks

Today is the big day…

Good luck and God Bless.xx

Just read this and wondering how he is doing.

How was Carter diagnosed? What did it look like in his leg? I am wondering since I have what appears to be a bruise that just keeps growning on my shin. I do have AVMs in my gastro system and wonder about Carter’s leg. I am new to this site.

well its been 13 days since Carter’s surgery and well its been harder than anyone planned …poor little guy cant get comfortable and the pain is high…we keep trying to look at the whole picture and do what we can to distract him (even buying him a lap top to keep up with his fb page and farmvile) this is the hardest thing as a parent to watch your child in pain…thanks for all the prayers we can still use them