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Carlos 13 years old


New vein like formation appeared today. We were asked to wait a year for an MRI. Just another day in the life of an AVM survivor.


The good news is he is 13, healthy, and handsome, Ana. Thanks for the update. I ho0pe he continues to do well.


Thanks Madere! It’s been a year since this picture - we just got back from laser/bleo 4 weeks ago, his eye swelled shut and now we see a vein throbbing in the cheek area. Very upset to see the AVM resurge so quickly after treatment. Looking back at these pics we can see the progression of his AVM - he looked so good here. Will keep posting periodic updates here it’s a great way to track our progress over time. It’s been 8 years now, still not AVM free. : (


Hello Ana I know it’s been a long time since you were on here but I hope you come back on. I was off this site too bc my life with my son became my number one priority and I had no time for social media. I find it interesting that my name is Ana and my son is Carlos and he is 15 years old. I feel for you and I pray for both of you.
Talk to you soon I hope


Hi Carlos, hope your feeling well, healing and getting strong, I have the same thing, showed up about 8 months ago, mines on the back right side of head,. Praying for you and your family, hang in there buddy, never, ever give up!!


Pray for the kids. Hope he can get recovered very soon.