Recently I attended the second meeting for a newly formed support group at my neurology group’s office. The support is for anyone affected by a brain aneurysm or an AVM. At the last meeting there were about 30 of us and after a presentation by one of the NPs, we split into 2 groups. We introduced ourselves and one of the participants has had a profound effect on me. She is in her 50s or 60s and is the caregiver for a man who had a brain AVM. She shared his personality has changed however he will not admit that he needs any support so he would not attend these meetings. She shed tears and another participant gave her a hug. I did mention this wonderful community but she does not use a computer. She also said that she is being treated for a bipolar condition plus she is trying to raise a grandson. I pray all caregivers find the strength, help and support they need.

Susan, if you see her again, please recomend our Caregiver Support Community, as I believe it will be helpful to her. I am glad she was able to share at the meeting. It's a rough situation.

Thanks for the reply, dancermom, and I would have recommended the Caregiver group but she made it clear that she has no interest in any computer activity.

Being a caregiver really is an all encompassing world. There are so many ups and downs, not just with the person you are caring for, but inside yourself.
I have never had so many emotions.
Luckily, I have a friend that is a therapist that comes to the house to meet with me every other week. And I have so many friends and family I can just 'break down' to.
Of course, Scott is amazing and listens to my sadness, he is so apologetic. But the happiness of having every day with him outweighs the tears.

Hi Ninibeth, thanks for the reply and yes, the Support group is great. Next month they hope to have some time for the caregivers to share with each other and I think my husband will find this experience helpful.

Hi Danijo and I always enjoy chatting with you. I remember being apologetic to my husband too during the first year and he kept saying that he meant the vows when he said them. Oh, Danijo, I told a friend of mine about this time with my husband and I said that I hoped I would have been as great as he was. Well, my friend has known me since we were about 11 and she said absolutely that I would have done the same for him if the situations were reversed. I found it comforting to hear my friend's words and I pray we never have to prove her right ... lol.

As one with an AVM, it’s easy to forget that I’m not the only one going through this. My caregiver is on a journey, too. After reading your discussion, I’ll be sure to give my bride a hug tonight and let her know how grateful I am. Thanks for sharing, Susan!

Thanks, Tim and please give Jennifer an extra hug from me! Oh, you can also hug Nola too!